ICSB Puppy pak

  • Kit for the shipping of fresh-chilled canine semen.
  • Available for purchase for breeders and vets.
  • In use since 1985.

The “puppy pak” is the simplest and most successful system for the shipping of fresh-chilled canine semen.

It protects the sperm cells from damage which may occur during collection, packaging and shipping process of the semen.

It's very easy to use, there are four simple steps:

  • Collect the semen from the stud.
  • Add it to the ICSB solution.
  • Place it inside the kit following the instructions.
  • Proceed to shipping

To use, simply warm the cooled semen to between room and body temperature and inseminate. 

The “puppy pak” is reusable. It´s not necessary to buy a new kit each time, only the solution must be replaced.

Economic and highly efficient.