Founded in 1983, Nacho Menes Veterinary Hospital, was the first veterinary clinic in Asturias open 24 hours a day with exclusive dedication to small animals.

Over the years we have become a reference hospital with a team of multidisciplinary vets and nurses made up of professionals specialized in the many various fields of veterinary medicine, together with the latest technology at our disposal, experience and the enthusiasm for our work all of which allow us to continue looking after our pets as they deserve to be.

Animal reproduction and pediatrics has been and is one of our greater areas of expertise and knowledge. We have more than 20 year’s experience in the practice of artificial insemination, reproductive surgery, infertility diagnosis or breeding and pregnancy control.

Thanks to our collaboration with ICSB we have broadened and improved our reproduction service with the setting up of a canine semen bank, which allows us to chill and freeze canine semen, thereby joining the network of more than 40 worldwide ICSB centers.