ICSB was founded by Carrol C. Platz Jr. in 1971 in Oregon (USA). Professor Platz was one of the first veterinary practitioners in the world to start working with frozen semen and to develop freezing and chilling techniques adapted to the canine at the beginning of 1970s in the USA.

ICSB and their partners were the first to achieve litters with frozen canine semen and to have them registered in the AKC (“American Kennel Club”), the “American Dog Field Association” and the “National Association of the Greyhound”. They also collaborated in the development of the guidelines used by these associations in the registering of litters born via frozen semen.

ICSB have not only been pioneers in the development of techniques for the chilling and freezing of canine and feline semen but also of wild species. Therefore, they work with many different associations dedicated to preservation of critically endangered species, freezing and conserving semen of animals such as white tailed deer, Canadian grey wolf, African lion, red wolf, snakes, turtles and primates, among others.

Thanks to the forty years of continuing investigation and innovation, ICSB has developed unique techniques such as the capability to extract semen from recently expired dogs or kits which allow the shipping of semen from anywhere to their centers for posterior freezing.

ICSB uses a pellet system, adapted to the canine species to store frozen semen with rates of fertility superior to all other existing systems.

The most recent and astonishing feat was the birth in 2010 of a litter of 4 beagle puppies using semen frozen by the techniques and solutions of ICSB 38 years ago.