ICSB Spain is the exclusive representative of the North American ICSB animal semen chilling and freezing system in the southwest of Europe.

ICSB (“International Canine Semen Bank“) have more than 40 years of experience in the investigation of the chilling and freezing of animal semen which has allowed for the development of a system adapted specifically for canines which is characterized by its simplicity and high fertility rates.

Currently ICSB have more than 40 centers in 28 different countries.

Nacho Menes Veterinary hospital has more than 20 years of experience in animal reproduction and with our alliance with ICSB we have broadened and improved our reproduction service, being the only ICSB centre in Spain.

Our system offers breeders and owners the possibility of shipping canine semen, whether chilled or frozen, to any part of the world and also receives and store indefinitely. Thanks to the latest advances developed by ICSB we have the possibility to extract semen from recently expired dogs.

We provide the sale of differents types of easy to use and economic kits for the shipping of semen, thereby ensuring that each breeder may choose the kit that best suits their needs.